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Jumaat, 31 Mei 2013

Welcome back! =P

Heya guys..long time no see huh?
Hahaha..opsss..almost forget, Assalamualaikum.
Whoaa..almost forget that very important word huh? Not good, not good..(manglish..haha) What the heck! 
Remember this huh, when you wanna greet someone, YOU SHOULD USE "ASSALAMUALAIKUM" first! But not to non-muslim. WHY??? Because the meaning of this word is, "may ALLAH bless you" (tell me if i 'm wrong). Allah may not bless any people who makes Him angry or doesnt follow His order. Ok, btw, the purpose my entry for this time is not focus on the religious. I wont make any statement that could make us argue. So, I'm sorry if I did mistake. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

So, what's the main purpose of this entry ???? o_O?
Actually I just wanna tell y'all that I'm sorry . (again???) . Yes, again, because ignoring this blog for ages! Hehe. I'm really do not have much time to write this pieces everyday. My days are totally full with the assignments, presentations, experiments and etc. And, lastly, I got this time, at 5.30 a.m to write here. Huh! What a really cruel experience! But, it's okay, still calm. This's life. We live in this world not to have fun, but to find the bless from Him. So, be patience facing this life. The obstacle that His give us is one of the test for us because He want to see us, how much we believe on Him. 

While I'm writing this pieces, actually I've to complete my last assignment for this semester! Yehooo!! Now I only can see the home sweet home. Hang out with friends. Travels. Anymore! BUT! There's one more thing I need to face before back to my beloved home. FINAL EXAM!!!! Erghhh!!! 2 weeks more from now! Pray for me ya! Hehe. 

Ok, I think I should back to my assignment. The last one. Warghh. Haha. 
Assalamualaikum! >,<

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